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Rice Love Wallet | Dana | Buy a Bag | Feed a Family

Rice Love Wallet | Dana | Buy a Bag | Feed a Family

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4.5" WIDTH X 2.5" HEIGHT


Dana is a Hindi word that means giving, gift, or donation. Thank you for giving! May you always have abundance in your life and generosity in your spirit.


Every bag is one of a kind! These bags are purchased from local sources and reduces the amount of waste in the landfills. 

Since all bags come from recycled materials expect slight imperfections and variations in every bag. Each bag is unique! Between the fabric, the seamstress who made it, the family who receives the rice, and you, every bag has a different story. YOU are giving life. YOU are a part of the story.

Each bag is made of recycled materials. Expect the same color scheme but variations in design and patterns.


This product provides 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of rice, which provides the rice needed for 12 individual meals. Based on a typical family of 4 in India, eating rice 3 meals per day, this gift lasts one day. Your bag comes with a unique hang tag number, which allows you to find the photo and story of the family you are helping on In order to make hand-delivery possible, others will be contributing to the same family you are. Rice Love delivers 25 kilos of rice per family at a time, which provides for about a month supply of rice!  Buying this bag feeds families! 


Rice Love only partners with factories that respect the environment, have safe working conditions, no child labor, and at a minimum pay the local living wages. Buying a Rice Love bag provides quality jobs! 

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