Inspired by the phases of the moon and how feathers can represent connection, the intention is to hold space while sharing products that facilitate connection to self and others. All healing begins from within.

We are all connected. We are all one.

Blessings on your journey!

Energy Cleansing Sprays

Cleansing sprays can assist with sleep, emotional heaviness or anytime you or... 



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  • Numerology Reading

    Receive life and soul guidance through numerology. Numerology is a wonderful way to reawaken your path of self-discovery using the energies of your birth name and birth date.

    Numerology Report | $22.00

    Yearly Report | $22.00

    Relationship Report | $25.00

    Purchase ALL 3 Reports | $55.00

    60 min Personal Reading + 2 Reports | $75.00

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  • Spiritual Coaching

    Move your attention inwards and receive guidance on achieving inner peace & finding your life purpose. Reawaken that connection to your higher self & gain deeper clarity into getting to know who you truly are, discovering your full potential and living a path that is most meaningful to you.

    20 minutes | $30
    30 minutes | $40

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  • Reiki & Guided Meditation

    Increase vital life force energy through gentle energy work using Reiki, guided meditation, breathwork, crystals and chakra alignment for overall stress reduction, relaxation and inner peace. 

    30 min | $45
    45 min | $60
    60 min | $75

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