A sacred space honoring the divine feminine. Building a community of sisterhood while celebrating your personal growth, inner beauty, wellness and healing. A sanctuary where you can be open and vulnerable without judgement, letting go of all that no longer serves, resulting in a transformative uplifting experience.

The Feather Moon Journey

A personally customized treatment using a combination of different modalities including Integrative... 

  • Reiki

    A wonderful way to energetically reset your mind, body and soul. Expect to be guided through a state of relaxed concentration. After centering into a guided meditation, Chakras will be then be balanced with the use of crystals and Reiki healing. Reiki is an ancient healing method originating from Japan. This light touch therapy often reported to provide a sense of calm, stress reduction, relaxation, reduced pain, decreased anxiety and awakening intuition while promoting overall wellness.

    First visit | $75
    60 min | $80

  • Integrative Reflexology

    Supporting the soul through the soles of your feet. Integrative Reflexology looks at the feet as windows to the body. Our feet provides a mini-map of the body that interlinks to every organ and physical areas through meridian lines/energy lines. This treatment awakens the subtle energies of the body targeting the mind, central nervous system and immune system. Each treatment includes a salt scrub, hot towel compress, essential oils and full body mapping through pressure points of the feet and energy work, activating your body's innate wisdom. Clients have reported better sleep, less pain, calmer digestion, reduced inflammation, decreased anxiety and an expansion of overall peace.

    First 60 min visit | $75

    60 min | $85

    90 min Rei-Flex | $115 The Rei-Flex treatment is 60 minutes of Reflexology with 30 minutes of Reiki.

    Our most popular service!

  • Numerology Reading

    An ancient mystical science going back over 10,000 years. Discover your unique vibration that may influence your life based on your birth date and name. Every number and letter has a frequency. Numerology readings can assist in further self discovery, life purpose and decision making. It can easily become a daily practice providing much insight into your every day living.

    Numerology Report | $22

    Yearly Report | $22

    Relationship Report | $25

    Purchase ALL 3 Reports | $44

    60 min Personal Reading + 2 Reports | $111

  • The Feather Moon Journey

    A personally customized treatment using a combination of modalities available which include Integrative Reflexology, Reiki, Numerology, Guided Meditation, Oracle Cards, Crystal Healing, Soul Guidance, Sound Healing and a moon journal to take home. Experience all that Feather Moon Healing has to offer!

    90 min | $115

    120 min | $145

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