About Feather Moon Healing

My journey in alternative therapies began in 2005, where I managed an  Ayurvedic-based spa on the West Coast. After taking a break to raise a family and provide care at a cancer hospital in Seattle, I began to take a second look at how I was living, realizing the importance of leading a simple and balanced life.

As my journey progressed, I gravitated towards meditation and energy work, finding the means to reconnect with myself and others. In November 2019, I became a Reiki Master Teacher through the Marion Reiki Center and within the same year completed my certification in Integrative Reflexology with Empowering The Sole. Shortly after, a healing space within the heart of the mid-west called Feather Moon Healing was born. 

As with everything in life, openings come forward. Although 2020 was a difficult chapter for many, it was also the year I met my Numerology teacher from ReAlive. This played a pivotal part in receiving further tools into my career growth. Numerology has been a great integration towards self-discovery for myself and others.

In 2022, due to relocation, Feather Moon Healing transitioned its services to the beautiful state of Arizona while also opening an online store. With this shift came the perfect opportunity to connect on a wider scale offering homemade products using gemstones & aromatherapy, delivering further support directly to your doorstep. 

In every connection, my intention is to incorporate these energy modalities to build moments of well-being and inner discovery. I believe energy work and finding balance are the key to a continual foundation of health for our mind, body and spirit and I look forward to helping each client unfold their own beautiful connection within and their path to peace.

Thank you to my amazing husband, who has always pushed me to be myself by embracing the magic this life has to offer and to my family and friends who have supported me up to this point - so much continued gratitude.

Peace & Love



Certifications + Forever Learning:

Integrative Reflexology - February 2019

Reiki, Master-Teacher - November 2019

Karmic Reiki - December 2019

Numerology - 2020 

Meditation & Mastery of the Mind YOGALAP - March 2023