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Feather Moon Healing LLC

Rei-Flex Combination Treatment | 90 minutes

Rei-Flex Combination Treatment | 90 minutes

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Supporting the soul through the soles of your feet. Integrative Reflexology looks at the feet as windows to the body. Our feet provides a mini-map of the body that interlinks to every organ and physical areas through meridian lines/energy lines. This treatment awakens the subtle energies of the body targeting the mind, central nervous system and immune system. Each treatment includes a salt scrub, hot towel compress, essential oils and full body mapping through pressure points of the feet and energy work, activating your body's innate wisdom. Clients have reported better sleep, less pain, calmer digestion, reduced inflammation, decreased anxiety and an expansion of overall peace.

Integrative Reflexology services are available in 60 minutes however many have requested a combination of Reflexology and Reiki so Rei-Flex treatment is now available.

A Rei-Flex treatments is Reflexology enhanced with Reiki. This is our most popular and requested service!

"Bring the feet to life and the body will follow" - Claire Marie Miller (founder)

***These services are only available in person so please call Jill at 206-852-0868 when you're ready to schedule your appointment.***

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